Taking A Coffee Enema At Home – Not Difficult As You Might Think

Do you need help and useful suggestions on the procedure of coffee colon cleansing? How do you go about taking it yourself at home? The process is not as complicated as you might think and anybody with a keen interest can get it done as touted by holistic organisations like “Coffee Enemas Australia“.

Of course, while the practice might seem strange, few are as potent as coffee enemas when it comes detoxifying the body. After all, the advantages of coffee are popular, and many can not go through their day without their favourite cup of joe. What most people do not know, however, is that coffee works even better as a potent detoxifier when taken in the type of an enema. For this reason, many would want to learn how to administer a coffee enema and what it can do for them.

So how to do a coffee enema?

Now individuals take coffee enemas for various reasons and how you set about it would depend on your motivations for taking the said enema. The first order of the day in administering a coffee enema yourself is to, of course, obtain the necessary materials and equipment.

Take care not to use anything that has plastic or PVC on it as these degrade in time releasing hazardous chemicals into your enema causing the body more bad than good if taken as an enema. For a safe outcome, you would do well to stick with rubber or medical grade silicone.

Got whatever you require? Your enema kit ought to include usage directions. If not, then you can refer to the following steps:

  1. Select a private location in the house where you are comfy administering the enema. We suggest that the place is somewhere that grants you quick and easy access to the toilet, preferably inside your restroom. After all, you would not wish to get anything on the flooring as soon as the sensation of fullness and discomfort sets in as the coffee enema enters into your colon.
  2. Assemble your enema equipment by the directions that came with your kit. When it comes to an enema bag, make sure that you decontaminate everything before hooking up televisions and the rest of the devices.
  3. Prepare your coffee enema liquid. Some coffee enema kits include the caffeinated solution that you can easily utilise for the procedure. In any case, you would want to make certain that you use only 100 percent natural coffee beans for the procedure and that there are no additives of any type. After all, the goal is to purge toxins from your body and not haplessly take in more.

The idea is to, after all, rid your body of contaminants and not haplessly take in more.

  1. Got your enema devices and coffee option prepared? All that is left is to administer the enema. If you have produced the liquid yourself, then make certain you have waited long enough for the solution to cool. The caffeinated option must be cool enough to touch before you move it to your enema bag, douche bulb or syringe. Rest in a comfy position in the location you have designated and apply a correct amount of lube (water-based) on your rectum and the tip of the enema nozzle.
  2. Now for the tricky part – gently insert the nozzle as much as you can about two inches into your rectum. Beginners often find the process nerve-wreaking but are patient though and just gently slip the tip inside however long it takes.
  3. Disengage the clamp or whatever mechanism available that limits the flow of enema. Doing so will start the flow of enema into your colon causing pressure and a slight discomfort. Return the clamp and try to retain the solution inside for about 12 minutes. The process gives the caffeine enough time to reach the liver where it works most of its’ “magic”.
  4. Go to the toilet and purge the content of your colon along with the embedded waste deposits from the body. Repeat the procedure until you have utilised up all your enema services.

So there you have it – a few simple steps for taking a coffee enema at home. If you would like to know more or have a few questions of your own, then check out websites like https://coffeeenemas.com.au/products/ . They ought to be able to tell you more about taking coffee enemas and address any concerns you might have regarding the procedure.